Wellness Package

Ora Holistic Wellbeing – Wellness Therapy Package

You cannot pour from an empty cup………………..

At Ora Holistic Wellbeing, I want to work with my clients to promote good health and wellbeing on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

So I have created the Ora Wellness Package which allows me to work with the client to find out which particular areas of that person’s life may be causing them an imbalance and which therapies can be offered over a three month period to allow both client and therapist to work together to help reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, worry, depression, insomnia and general feelings of being unwell and run down.

This therapy package is also ideal for anyone who wants to embrace their Holistic Health, develop on a spiritual level and to promote and continue to feel a sense of balance, wellbeing and calm in their lives.

Duration: One Treatment Per Month For Three Months

After an initial consultation and questionnaire (done in person or over the phone), I will assess the client and then propose a treatment plan, which will allow the client to choose three therapies at a discounted rate:


  1. Hot Stone Full Body Massage– To reduce sleep issues & insomnia

  2. Indian Head Massage– To balance strong emotions and reduce tension and stress headaches

  3. Swedish Full Body Massage – To relieve tired, achy and tense muscles due to stress

  4. Aromatherapy Full Body Massage – To assist with hormone

    in-balances, PMT symptoms, anxiety and depression

  5. Holistic Back Massage – To promote spiritual awakening

  6. Neal’s Yard Organic Facial Experience – To rebalance skin after breakouts due to hormones or stress, to revitalise tired-looking skin

  7. Reiki – To treat anxiety, depression or sadness and promote positive energy flow throughout the body

The cost of this 3-month course is £100 (a normal course of 3 treatments would be £135, that’s a discount of 25%).

The initial consultation is free of charge and payment for the course must be made at the time of booking all three treatments.

Together and with guidance, it is my hope to help you strike the balance in your life that you have been looking for.  Healing starts from within, we must find it in ourselves and self-care is where it begins.  You cannot pour from an empty cup and at Ora Holistic Wellbeing, my experience of mindfulness, good nutrition and holistic therapies means I am confident in offering the client something different, something they will love and something which will encourage better living in the future.