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Please find below the list of courses currently offered by me at Ora Holistic Wellbeing:

The Law Of Attraction Course

The Law Of Attraction appears to be a new age concept that many famous celebrities rave about that has helped them achieve all of their hopes and dreams.  But LOA has been around for many years with scientists such as Albert Einstein describing his own concept of what is “like attracts like”.

Would you like to be able to understand LOA more and apply it to help manifest the life you have always wanted?

I have personally used LOA through-out my adult life and now have achieved a Diploma in LOA so I am able to teach it to others.

I have created a 3 part one to one course, to help you to use LOA in your own life.  See below for a brief outline of what is covered on the course:

Session one: Understand You.  On the first session, questions are asked about you and what may be holding you back in your life and potentially stopping LOA from working for you (some people don’t even realise that they are using it!).

There will be a detailed spiritual analysis, using my psychic ability on an energetic level to understand any underlying emotional/mental issues that may be hindering your progress in your life.

Some tasks will be set to get you starting to think differently around aspects in your life that you feel you may not have any control over.

Session Two: How To Do LOA: This is the fun and exciting session!  Now that you are feeling more positive from session one, I will now explain exactly what LOA is and go into detail about how it works and how you use it to manifest the life you have always wanted.  In this session, you are given your very own vision board to start creating the life of your dreams.  Then its time to go out and practice!

Session Three: This is the session where I look at the progress you have made over the past 4 weeks, where things have manifested and if not, where there could be areas that need extra work.

This course should make you feel inspired, optimistic and at peace with the knowledge that your life is in your hands!  If you feel stuck in a rut, out of control because of negative thinking patterns or actually just ready to take the next level with LOA, then this is the course for you.

A mix of spirituality, life coaching & self-analysis, I will walk you through each step so that you feel in control on your life journey.

About Tanya Short

I am a fully qualified & trained Holistic Therapist, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher & have almost twenty years of corporate experience working for large organisations, as well as having professional business qualifications.

I am also a psychic medium, writer and published blogger, my passion is speaking about any spiritual topics but namely energy work and Law Of Attraction (for which I hold a diploma).


The full course (6 hours, split by 2 hours each, over a 3 month period) is £200.

Please call 07801827560 or email for more information.

Courses are in person on a one to one basis (at the clients home address), however, can be made via Skype if the distance is too far.

Coming Soon:

LOA Online – 21 day course


Mind, Body & Spiritual Fayre – Winter 2019

We are really excited to annouce our Christmas Mind, Body & Spirit Event this Winter!  Come along to see some amazing readers, holistic therapists and buy some wonderful, handmade and unique gifts.

Here are the details:

Date & Time: Sunday 8th December 2019 – 10.00am to 4.00pm

Venue: GPCA, Abercrombie Way, Harlow, Essex, CM18 6YJ

Ticket Price: £3 entrance fee (Under 16’s free)

Facebook Page: @pathwaytoenlightenment

If you are interested in holding a stall at the fayre, please e-mail