The Linda Bullock Technique – Emma Whitehead

The Linda Bullock Technique

Through the use of symbolism from your subconscious, this technique works by changing certain areas of your life.

Clients that have experienced the Linda Bullock technique have been helped with:

  • Relationship Issues

  • Work Issues

  • Confidence Building

  • Anxiety & Stress

How does it work?

Emma will guide you through a journey where your subconscious mind will give you the answer to current issues, using symbolism.

Each symbol has a meaning, relevant to your current situation, which Emma will interpret throughout your session.

By being in the technique and through Emma’s guidance and working with your own subconscious, this brings a more positive aspect into your life.  Please see the client reviews below, who have each experienced the Linda Bullock technique with Emma:

I have been participating in the Linda Bullock Technique and the changes in my life have been astounding.  My whole world has changed for the better on all fronts.  It is a very clever, gentle but very effective way of clearing blocks and for changing things in your life that are really not working for you.  I would recommend this to anyone, it’s marvellous!”

Beverley – Harlow

“When I heard of the Linda Bullock Technique, I was looking forward to trying it.  The technique Emma used was excellent.  Emma put me straight at ease and working with her was a wonderful experience”.

Sharon – Rochford


“I cannot recommend Emma and this technique highly enough, it really has changed my outlook and my life.  I was in a very low place, but now feel so much more in control.  Emma explains everything so clearly, has such compassion and has supported me through every step of my progress.  Thank you for helping me to find my real me again.”

Jackie – Harlow


“I was having some confidence issues with work.  I was letting self-doubt get in the way of my true potential. Emma took me through the technique and she focussed on my work area.  It was incredible what my subconscious was pulling out!  Emma interpreted the symbolism and she suggested I make a few changes, which I did.  Now, 6 weeks on I feel like a different person!  The technique and Emma has helped me so much, I don’t know where it’s come from but I just feel less concerned and more relaxed at my job.  Thank you so much Emma!”

Anne – Harlow

“I can’t recommend the Technique enough I was going though a difficult time in my life and the Technique help me see things clearly and make positive changes I found it gave me so much more confidence and gave me more of a happier outlook on life”.

Helen – Harlow

About Emma Whitehead

Emma is a fully insured practitioner of the Linda Bullock Technique.  Emma is also a practicing Spiritual Medium and lives in Harlow, Essex.

Emma W Jpec

More info can be found on the Linda Bullock official website:

Booking a Session

A session costs £45 and lasts approx. 1 hour.

Sessions can be face to face (in Harlow) or via Skype if that is easier for the client.

Please message Ora Holistic Wellbeing to enquire: