The Ego

The ego.  It’s a human thing that has a mortality rate, i.e. when you die, it dies with you (here’s hoping!).  Over recent years I’ve been learning a lot about the ego and I’ve been able to spot it a lot better, in others and in myself too.  It’s human nature and would take a Buddhist Monk years to master the art of removing it completely.  It’s the whole point of being human, as once we start to reflect inward we recognise when its talking and realising that it does not serve us or anyone else for that matter.

And you have to be so careful when you are judging someone else’s ego because are you not being egotistical yourself by doing exactly that?

How do we know if we are acting in ego?  How do we know when we are putting “self” before others?  Sometimes you need to put yourself first, that can be incredibly important.  But at what point do you start to recognise that you are actually acting out of your own ego to serve you and you only? Because that’s the problem right there.  Some people are so unaware of their own actions and treatment of others because they are so wrapped up in their own little bubble world that they either refuse to acknowledge their behaviour towards others or they don’t even know they are doing it.  The saddest thing about this is that most of the people with the worst egos I have ever seen are those that I’ve met on my spiritual travels.

I can say this from the heart: I have only ever wanted to help others with their healing journey.  I have been told throughout my life that I am too nice, over sensitive, emotional…..all of it, and I’ve had to deal with people, with bullies, with jealousy, with friends that have stopped talking to me because something good happened, apparently allowing people to “mug me off” because I’ve trusted them.  But I don’t care about that because at the end of day I will not change who or what I am because of someone else’s emotional baggage that they refuse to deal with (I am not immune from this either – this isn’t a “I am perfect” post).  But what I want to say is this about ego and especially people who are working and preaching in a spiritual capacity:

If you talk your talk but don’t walk your walk then this will become apparent, it might not happen overnight, but it will become apparent.  True authenticity shines through your soul like a laser beam.  Your vulnerable followers will not see this at first.  As they cling to your ego to help them on their journey as they feel this is what they need.  However, the more awakened individuals will see your ego in all its materialistic glory.

So what is ego?

It only wants to serve itself and it doesn’t care about anyone or anything else.  It’s also in competition with others, it doesn’t want to include, it doesn’t want to see another light shine.  It has to be the brightest light without having the higher knowledge that if you let all lights shine together, the energy and power is so much greater.  It looks outward constantly and because it says words without meaning, it even believes its own lies.  “It’s ok, I’m spiritual, so that makes me a good person”.  It believes its own lies.

Ego is addictive & magnetic.  One ego sees another ego and so on, then that ego energy can grow and grow.  It’s like gang culture at school, the girls or boys that stick together to torment and bully other human souls, so they can feed their addiction.

But we must always end on a positive and here it is: when you recognise that someone is very ego driven, you must try not feel anger or resentment toward them (that’s not a good energy to hold on too!).  I honestly believe that most of us are so unaware during this life, that we don’t’ even know when its happening.  We must all take the time to reflect inward, to ask ourselves if we should have acted that way, said that, done that or even felt that way.  That’s all we can do.  Feel sorry for those that don’t have that little internal dialogue.  Because they are the ones that will take longer to learn their lesson and life in its karmic beauty will always deliver a helping of reflection and that reflection will either be within themselves or through someone else.   Whether it happens in this life or the next, when we leave this physical body, we are only left with soul and we see it all, wort’s and all.

Until next time,


Spiritual Medium turned Erotic Novel Writer

A Chat With The Author Of Obsession Di Marco

I read a lot (a hell of a lot) and my main genre is pretty much always spiritual and afterlife books about mediums & individuals who have had incredible spiritual journeys.

Erotic novels that feature gangster type billionaires are not normally my thing (I tried reading a very popular erotic book series and I stopped at book one, half way through as I found the characters weak and the sex scenes so cringe worthy that I embarrassed myself reading them.  To be frank, I felt like it had been written by a teenager)……however, I have since had the chance to read a new title by GJ Moon called Di Marco Obsession (which will be a complete book series featuring different leading men and women) and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the book from start to finish.  The characters had depth and strong personality, you could relate to them.  The plot kept me interested and the sex scenes, well they were intense and very well written – believable!  I thought it was fantastic!

What’s even more exciting is that the wonderful author has allowed me to interview her and the intriguing part is that I know this persons work as she has an impressive spiritual career however, this interview is about her new book series, so here it is (there is also a link at the bottom if you wish to order, it’s also on Kindle Unlimited – yay!):

 In a nutshell, tell me about the book series, Obsession D Marco?

Obsession is the first in the five book Di Marco series. The books are bad boy billionaire romance with a mafia background and suspense so they are open to a wide variety of audience. But if I was to put it in a nutshell, Dark romance would be the appropriate label.

What inspired you to write this book series?

I have always had Antonio Di Marco (the main hero in book one,) in the back of my mind somewhere. He was my fantasy guy even from a young age before I had ever read an alpha male romance book. However, I never dreamed I would write a book about him.

I have a successful spiritual career and was quite happy with my life focus when one day I was taken to emergencies with a suspected stroke. I was scared because I felt I was too young for a stroke and I remember a sense of doom as the doctors gave me a brain scan.

Once inside a coffin type machine with a cage around my head I was given strict instructions not to move, if I did I would have to start the hour long proceed again.

With a million and one things to focus on whilst lying still, somehow a story came to mind. A story that involved my fantasy guy. Before the scan had finished I had the entire five book series mapped out in my mind.

My scan turned out to be fine and until this day we have never found the reason as to what happened to me that day of the hospital. But I know my life had changed. The Di Marco series was now the only thing I could concentrate on.

The hardest thing was how to tell my family that I was going to write a romance book, and one that involved sex and language like I’d hardly used before.

I started with my mother, who was an instant support and then told the rest of my family in jagged terms. I cut my spiritual work down from five days a week to just two and I spent every second of the day typing. Of course, this was a huge hit on my finances, but it felt out of my control. I had to do this. I was also aware that it was so different from my spiritual work that it was the balance I so very much needed.

When you write, do you have a solid story line in mind or do you let it grow organically as you go along?

I had the story line whilst in the scanner machine, but the interaction between characters and additional storylines came whilst typing, I let the characters flow and do their own thing. Additional storylines also sprint up like the burger with Jack and the day of the Spa and the shower room. These things just happened.

Before I type, I normally play it out in my mind. Then once I know what is happening I type, but sometimes things jump on the page and once it is down I leave it until my next draft. If it fits and I am happy with it then I let it stay, if it feels off then I delete. I have no problem deleting things that don’t feel right or somehow moves the story in a way I am not happy with.

Who is your favourite character and why?

Antonio Di Marco will always be my number one guy. Under his cold exterior he is loving, kind and romantic and I enjoyed finding that in him. I love how protective and jealous he is of Jayne and the relationship he has with his family.

But I also have to say Ace, the hitman who first appears in book one, is fast becoming one of my favorite characters. He is so weird and even though I am the author I am always surprised at things he does. When Antonio and Mike went to see him at his club and he was sat with a teapot, cup and saucer, I was like what the heck is this guy doing now? I sometimes have no idea he is going to be in scene until her appears and often steels the show.

If your book series was ever turned into a film, who would play the lead character roles and why?

Oh my goodness, I have no idea on this answer as I cant imagine my characters any other way then the way they are in my mind.

Did you self-publish this book & if so, what was the reasons behind this?

I have never considered traditional publishing. Born in January I am a typical independent Aquarian. The idea of controlling my own books wasn’t daunting for me, it was exciting. Thankfully we live in an era where it is easy to self-publish and what you don’t know, with a click of a button you can learn.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Invest time to learn. I spend many hours in the night watching YouTube interviews and tutorial videos about everything connected to writing romance and writing in general. I would calculate around three hours a night and I try all the tips and advice. I have found some incredible advice on YouTube, google and blogs. I think you have to play around with the advice and see what works for you. I learnt early on I wasn’t too good with outlining and I still am not comfortable with it. That’s fine, I have the general story in my head and I type away letting it flow, other authors need to outline that flow first. Find what feels right for you.

How long would you say it takes to write one complete novel? How much time did you have to dedicate to it?

I worked five days a week full time on Obsession and from start to publication it has taken a year. Of course, now I have created some footprints on my path, my typing is very fast, and there are a lot of things I no longer have to spend time learning.

There are many self-publishers around these days, especially with the help of social media. What do you think makes a story teller really stand out amongst the competition?

Books. I know it sounds very repeated but it is true, unless you are a known author you would be very lucky to write your first book and stand out at first. Adding more books to your author profile will bring you more readers. Also, time, (yes that word again,) but marketing is a huge part of selling books unless you are one of the chosen few that gets an instant following, and marketing takes a lot of time. An entire day can turn into days and nights of social media, emails, networking and all types of marketing. And then repeat, as marketing is a constant thing.

Take into account the time that goes into marketing a book and also get an editor and make sure it is one you can work with. I was lucky, I found Jill from Little Red Lines and she got me and my book from the first chapter.

What are you currently working on?

Book two of the Di Marco series. I am behind my own schedule because my female character was supposed to be weak, a victim and obedient. But she keeps knocking my back by showing her defiance. Sofia is blossoming and is taking on her own flow and I am beginning to love the girl.

One last thing.

Putting a lifetime of spiritual work on hold whilst I wrote a romance book is without doubt one of the craziest things I have ever done. But as strange as it may sound it was like a calling that came out of the blue. This was never in my life plans. Writing about bad, sexy billionaires was a world away from my serious spiritual work.

But I trusted. I threw out all the practical, logical reasons not to do this and I went with what my heart was pulling me to do. Although previous to this I had thought my life was pretty much fulfilled and I was happy, my journey writing this book showed me so much about myself. My spiritual career was great and I enjoyed it but I also needed fun, this book brought me that fun. I believe the mind is power and writing this book I was able to live out so many things in my mind, and although my body was sat in front of my computer, my mind was in a hotel in New York with a hot bad boy billionaire.

If you would like a copy of this book, just go to Amazon UK and you can get it on Kindle Unlimited or Paperback!




Vegetarians – Look Away Now

Like most of my friends I was born into a culture of meat eaters and the only vegetarians I knew in the 80s was Linda McCartney.

We were from an era of Findus crispy pancakes (who knew about the horse scandal back then?), I remember enjoying summer BBQ’s with enough meat to feed the entire population of the Isle of Wight and my mum stirring up a massive pot of spag bowl with gay abandon, then mad cow disease hit and I think everyone re-evaluated their red meat eating habits (well I did – but I still ate it however have a friend that hasn’t touched it since that happened).

I have also had a love of animals which I’m sure most people do and I have thought long and hard about giving up meat for good.  I tried it when I was 21 and it lasted one month exactly until I went for a Chinese and realised I couldn’t eat Duck.  I completely blocked out the fact that I love Ducks (in living form) and my hunger and let’s face it, the eating habits of a life time won the day.

My husband and I have always been big foodies and I am not fussy with anything.  In fact, people who are fussy with food really frustrate me, it’s the only thing I have no patience for as I am from a generation of “eat it or go hungry”. That has served me well.  My husband is a keen meat smoker, we have a smoker in the garden and an outdoor pizza oven.  Food has always been the centre of our social lives really and because I am so free and easy with it, it’s just something I don’t have to think too much about.

When I started my Reiki journey 2 years ago I realised that one of the 5 Reiki principals is to be kind to all living things.  How could I even consider that when I eat animals?  How is that being kind?  I then started to meet vegetarians and vegans and admired them for sticking to what they believed in and also some of them grew up in veggie families, so it was just a way of life.

Working with energies and then getting my own dog has made me realise that animals do have souls and we are connected to them, as we are every human being.

So this year I started to adapt the home menu, choosing mostly veggie dishes on our Hello Fresh scheme, buying Quorn to go in family one pot dishes, even my husband was on board as he went on a health kick this year.

But still not progressing to full veggie.  I think its mostly because of the backlash of feeling like I’m an inconvenience and also, the biggest factor is because I get tired after work and just want to cook without fuss if I’m doing one plate of Quorn sausages and one plate of piggie ones.  Plus I really do like meat.

So I asked my guide Blue, what to do?  Why have I no will power with this?  Every other veggie seems to be able to do this don’t they?  Why am I so meat addicted?

As always, I asked for a sign from Blue and as always, he delivered, in a way of a dream.

On waking I relayed the whole thing to my little girl (she was probably traumatised but I had to tell someone).  In the dream, I was back in my family home.  My dad had this huge open fire / oven in the kitchen, and like an Italian Pizza Chef he had on this big apron and a flat spatula in hand.  In the living room were all these people, lots of my friends, including my Reiki Master Melanie who has been vegetarian most of her life.  I do feel that it’s significant that she was in this dream.

Then dad announced he was cooking up a storm for us and pulled out the box of these little piglets, all alive and incredibly cute.  They looked at me the way my little dog Seb looks at me, they connected with me and I smiled and was just about to pick one up when he threw the piglet in the fire and I watched it burn.  One after the other, the little piglets burned alive and pleaded with me with their eyes to save them.  I screamed “they are still alive!” and my dad said “don’t be silly, they can’t feel a thing!”.  Then I woke up.

So, yesterday I decided that I should try this – it’s time to take it seriously.  But how do I tell my husband?  Honestly this is a massive deal to a big meat eater.

But then I got what I like to call “the sealing of the sign” – Blue has a habit of doing this.  He gives you the sign then he confirms it later on, and oh boy he did.

Last night, my husband had drinks and food in London after work.  Just as I was getting into bed for an early night (told you I get tired) he sent me a text and photo with the word “dinner” on it.  Please bear in mind he has no idea whatsoever that today I decided to become a vegetarian there has also been no talk of it leading up to my decision.  This photo is horrific but I have to share it:

pigs head.png

I was in shock.  I mean, Craig is a meat eater yes but seriously a pigs head?  This is ambitious even for him.  I know he loves the odd bag of pork scratchings….but this had to be fake.  And the pig connection to my dream?  It was crazy, I needed proof so requested he proved that was his dinner.  Then he sent me a photo of him eating it.

OMG.  I was mortified.  So that’s when I sent him the text thanking him and also announcing that I am in fact a vegetarian now and his choice of food has shocked me to the core.  He came back and said it didn’t taste as nice as it looked (ignoring my announcement) and I went back and said “but it didn’t look nice” – giving me the deep knowing that it looks awful and helping me on my journey, thank you in advance Blue.

So where do we go from here?  I will continue at this with my very best efforts and by writing this blog I have told the world, no going back now!

As for my lovely husband, Vegetarians and Vegans please don’t be too hard on him.  I feel peer pressure may have helped him in his dinner choice last night and I’m still waiting for when he will bring up my new lifestyle choice….will keep you posted on that one.

Until next time,


Dreaming My Past Lives

My lucid dreaming has taken an interesting turn.  It appears that I can not only cross “over to the other side” and meet and greet my relatives that have been dead for a while, I now appear to be able to access different time eras!  It has happened on three separate occasions, so here is the low down:


Dream One: A Bumpy Ride

I always know when I am entering into a lucid dream because the reality suddenly changes and I am then completely aware that I am in a dream state but also feel more “conscious’ than “dream-like” during it.  Lucid dreams can also lead onto astral projection, where you can leave your body and then become “fully conscious” and go and explore different astral levels outside of our current existence.  I know this sounds si-fi, but people do it and write about it (you should check out my blog post “Interview With An Astral Explorer” if this floats your boat).  I have never got to the astral projection bit.  I get to the first bit, where, in sleep, suddenly I am aware of being in a sleep state (lucidity) and then I start to feel a whoosh of electricity as my energetic body starts to remove itself from my physical body lying in my bed.  I don’t get any further because being the massive wimp that I am I get too scared, but I’m hoping one day I will conquer this fear!

Anyway, I had the rush of electricity before entering into this first dream, where I strongly feel that I went back in time.  In the distance I could hear “glop, glop, glop” the rhythmic sound of horse hooves cantering on the ground.  Then I heard it in my ears, because I was in a horse and carriage.  I wasn’t just dreaming this, I was IN the horse and carriage.  My hands were tied behind my back, I was laying on the bottom of the carriage and every time we went over a bump, I hit my head on the wooden floor of the carriage and it made me feel so sick.  I was very aware that I was in two places, that my normal self in my 2018 time zone was safely tucked up in bed, but I had somehow managed to split myself here whilst dreaming and this was indeed another life that I had already lived, quite a few years ago.  I felt two male energies directing the carriage.  It was such a rocky ride, I was moving about all over the place and I could feel every bump and knock on that path.  The banging of my head was so intense that it threw my energy straight back to now and I woke up in bed, with the glopping sound getting further away from me and I was dizzy.  I sat up in bed and was nearly sick, i felt like I had motion sickness.  It took me a while to steady myself and lie down and go back to sleep.


Dream Two: Eastern Europe

Another night, another dream, that quickly turned into a lucid one.  When I become aware that I’m entering into a lucid encounter I get so excited, I look down at my hands and then start to see the lines on my palms, I feel and move my hands and they do everything I ask them too, I can feel touch and sensations, I can think about a question and ask it, I’m also acutely aware that to hold this level of concentration takes enormous energy and I must act fast to get as much information as I can obtain.  One thing is always certain – I always remember everything I have dreamt because it is so very real.

So in this dream, I’m in another mode of transportation but this time a public bus or coach.  I manage to open the window and look out at my horizon. The view is of old buildings, derelict and lonely grey buildings, a place that once was industrious and now is redundant.  I know I am in Eastern Europe and I feel this is Russia during economic decline.  I stick my head out and I see an old lady crossing the road in a brown coat with her shopping bags.  She makes eye contact with me and I try to communicate with her.  She can’t hear me, I’m yelling that this is a dream, she is in my dream and she still can’t hear me because we are driving away, I wonder what the hell I must look like to her……then I wake up.

Dream Three: The Same Church, Different Times

 This dream only happened a couple of weeks ago and I admit that I took a dose of Night Nurse then drank a Bombay Spice Cocktail before bed (I had a virus and was in London, with a hotel stay, I was not missing out on this!).

So I went to sleep quite quickly and then, started to fall into lucidity in my dream.  I was aware that I was in the countryside and I was looking at a church but it also had a castle feel about it.  I looked around and then I saw the era, it was medieval because a battle had just finished, there were soldiers walking around with their swords and shields, there were flags and tents and all the stuff you see on Game Of Thrones but real!  I thought it was awesome and was so excited that I can time travel (remember this isn’t a normal dream, I am aware of everything!) then I feel a familiar presence behind me and its my guide Blue who takes my hand and pulls me away, I zoom out of it and feel the electrical whooshing sound and think that’s it when he pulls me back again, to the same spot.  So I look around for the soldiers but all I see is different people, dressed differently.  The church/castle is the same but the people are wearing clothes that look Victorian, the women with long dresses carrying baskets and there are chickens running around, I’ve moved to a different time.  Before I could think about what this all meant, I was straight back to my own reality, there in April 2018, I’ve woken up.

So what does it all mean?  It’s certainly made me think that perhaps we do have lots of different lives after all (I have been regressed before and had quite a few stories to tell!) I also think that it was my guide Blue telling me that time that exists outside of our physical existence doesn’t actually exist at all, that would explain why spirits can give us heads up about future stuff, it would explain why I dream about terrorist attacks or natural disasters before they happen.  But the fact that you could possibly go back in time when you sleep?  That’s amazing – and mind blowing!

Until next time,


Soul Activation Readings


Lorren Kenny – Soul Activation Readings & Aura Drawings

On the 15th March 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting Lorren Kenny, creator of Soul Activation Readings.  Lorren had contacted me regarding holding a stall at our forthcoming Mind, Body & Spirit Event in Harlow and I was so intrigued about her readings and drawings, I couldn’t wait to interview her and find out more:

Lorren’s Early Years

Lorren grew up in South Africa  at the age of just three years old, Lorren had the ability to play the piano without any proper lessons or instruction.  She could listen to a tune and then play it out, however without being able to read a note of music.  Lorren feels that she was already an open channel from this young age and also able to draw pictures with skill that was far beyond her toddler years.  I have heard of this before where individuals are able to tap into a creative source and have amazing ability in artistic pursuits from a young age.


Spreading Her Wings

Lorren left South Africa when she was twenty three to travel, open her mind and see the world from a different perspective. This is where she met her first husband in Israel and after living there they settled in the UK to build a life.

Lorren had previously studied typing to get an office job but she never knew what her purpose was.  Her passion was painting  however still didn’t feel she had her own artistic style or signature yet, she was inspired by other artists but wanted to find her own stamp.  Most part of her life she was asking what is her purpose.  There was something missing and she felt lost, she didn’t know who she was, she fell into a mundane routine.

The Start Of A Spiritual Path

Unfortunately, Lorren’s first marriage began to break down.  This was a lonely and dark period for her, however she got to know herself and learnt some harsh lessons.  Lorren feels a sense of gratitude for this, it was necessary to go through in order to understand who she was.  She didn’t have that sense of identity before the divorce.  We all go through experiences to shape and form us to take us where we need to be to carry on our life’s work. This was a transitionary process and just when she thought it was the worst thing, actually it was the best thing.   It opened the door to her spiritual path and her soul search began: she started to read about mediumship, attended drumming circles, tarot reading, shamanism, Rahani healing, workshops on spirit guides & aura colours, you name it….she did it!

A New Beginning

Lorren met her new husband in 2014.  At this time she was drawn into massage therapy, however, she didn’t really feel that this was her true life’s calling.   Lorren attended an

Angelic Harmony Therapy course, which is using your voice to sing through the Chakras.  This was very profound and really resonated with Lorren.  Then she found  a lady called Jill Purse who does overtone chanting.  A different way of using your voice, Lorren also trained in this because it interested her because it goes back to her piano, it goes back to sound, what she was so lighted up by as a child.  She had an inherent understanding of sound and frequency.

The lady helping her set up her massage business coached her and asked her one day “what else can you do?”

Lorren thought about this: “Well I can do art, tarot and spiritual stuff” which got her thinking.

The Epiphany

That night she went to bed and asked the question “what should I do?”.  It was an awakening.  She finds this hard to explain but she heard a voice that said “combine the art with the tarot”.  The feeling after was immense!  She was on such a high, Lorren KNEW she had found what she needed to do.  She didn’t sleep for twenty four hours after that.  She was tossing and turning, her third eye was activated. She had all this stuff coming in like a download, flashes of light, images and ideas, one hundred miles per second.  As exhausted as she was when she woke up in the morning, she was so excited!  However, she had no idea how she was going to do it?

When she tried it for the first time it came completely natural to her, it was as if she had been doing it for years.  At that very moment Lorren had the deep understanding that this was her, it was her style, her brand, it was there at last – the birth of Octavious Art tarot (the name she used to give it).  She was so excited and wanted to share it with everyone.

She worked at a couple of local spiritualist shops however, what started with great intentions with her new concept, she did not get any bookings at these places.  Clearly these were not the right outlets for this therapy.

After these negative experiences, Lorren realised that actually she doesn’t need anyone to move her work forward.  She has herself and that is enough.

She joined an art therapy circle facebook group.  After following a meditation, something said to her “go and get your pastels”.  Lorren doesn’t really  use them but they said “well now you do” .  So she picked them up and started drawing, the energy was  so different from a painting.  She then took a photo of the image.  She posted the photo in the facebook group and the response was phenomenal.    People were feeling tingly, feeling emotional, were seeing angels, dragons, fairies –  were all picking up on different things from the images.

After months of practising with the pastels, she began to find her very unique style.


The Birth Of Soul Activation Drawings

Soul activation drawings are activating a part of our consciousness that has been lying dormant for a while.  Lorren only works in the moment and doesn’t work with predictions. She will tell you things about yourself that you probably already know but also things that you do not know or that you haven’t seen yet.  She is reactivating or deactivating certain beliefs and things you hold within you DNA structure that need to be wiped clean that are not serving you from your highest good.

Lorren offers four different types of packages:

  1. Aura Drawings

Put simply: Lorren gets her pastels out and she starts talking to the person and then starts to pick out the colours as she is turning into that persons energy field.  Then she just starts drawing.  There are no cards involved in this.  She randomly picks out the colours for that person.  Like an aura photo but a hand drawn representation of what she can see.  She feels the image and it all comes together and takes on different forms but in the end its yours.  She likes the fact you can take something away with you that is unique to you.  Its special as you can have it printed on cards, canvas, or even coasters.

When the image is photographed in a certain light it then takes on a completely new dimension.

  1. Deviation Reading with Aura Drawing

This is the same as the above however with a reading as well.  Lorren doesn’t use the tarot cards to predict stuff, the cards are used as a starting point to find out what the person is going through in this moment in time.  The cards are used as a tool for guidance only.

  1. Deviation, Aura Drawing & Sound Therapy

What is sound therapy?

Bringing in sound with the voice, we are all born with a certain sound & the soul has its own frequency, which many of us are not in tune with.  Like a piano being out of tune, the frequency is off so it sounds off, our chakras and organs are surrounded by a layer of energy which is frequency which is all connected to source.  When we become ill it is because that frequency is out of alignment and sync.  We are in disharmony and become diseased and Lorren believes sound is the way forward to heal ourselves by getting our chakras back in alignment, back in tune.

Sound Therapy – A New Healing Therapy

You can heal via meditation or hands on healing like Reiki, however Lorren believes sound is the next way forward in thinking for self-healing.  Lorren uses a diagram which she created by channelling through spirit, which represents the keys of a piano, which detail the lower octave and higher octave keys.  She can use the pendulum and then ask certain questions so your guides and higher self are connected too her guides and she will ask questions about your life colour, dominant colour and the one you are born with. You are born with a colour, a sound and then a certain frequency.  She waves the pendulum and she goes higher or lower depending on what she feels.  She can also hear the colour!  Lorren then starts to make a sound and you hook into it then you find the sweet spot.  The Sweet spot is very interesting as Lorren’s sound connects with your sound and when you cross over sounds, this is what heaven sounds like.  It’s hard to explain unless you experience it.  You want to stay there forever because the note harmonises your whole being.  It’s like a reset and starts everything off in motion.

  1. Psychic Coaching

Lorren offers basic psychic counselling depending on what the persons needs are.  You would go to her if you need some guidance, to learn how to help yourself, to set goals and talk about a future action plan.  Lorren will be a support on this journey & it is all done in a confidential safe place.

Lorren Kenny’s Oracle Cards – Energy Encrypted In An Image

Lorren has created 44 stunning images that will soon be printed & turned into Oracle cards for people to see, feel, touch and use within their own lives.  When a person looks at the image, they are accessing parts of their consciousness that is unique to them.  The person holding the card can ask themselves a question and look at the image and get the answer.  The images are like a frequency, like a code, a transmission that is coming through Lorren and manifesting into the image, when the image comes into contact with the individual holding the card, you are then like a portal and the image is opening up that image and amalgamating with you and whatever you need in that moment is going to come through in that image.

You can meditate with the cards as well as use them for your own personal guidance.

The cards should be ready to purchase from June 2018.

A note from Lorren about this image:


These are from my earlier batch and are totally subjective as each person responds to the images differently.  I feel these Connect with your solar plexus and activate a sense of well-being and peace.  You might get a completely different sensation or you might even get a word or message so very difficult to interpret their meaning as people will experience them in varying ways; however they are all channelled from a higher power and is an expression of my inner knowing. There is a lot for me to learn still and feels like this is the beginning of my journey as I will be doing a lot of inner work now as I want to go deeper; beyond the layers and through to the multitude of realities that exist beyond our consciousness so is a journey within and am not sure where it will take me but I know that it’s what is required.

You can find more info and prices of Lorren’s treatments on her facebook page:>octaviostarot

It was a pleasure working with Lorren on this interview,


Until next time



My Life In Pyschic

eye of the world

Would the human race act differently if it was a known fact that there is another life after death?  Would the Earth be a better place to live?

If you could ask every single human being if they have ever had any type of unexplainable/mysterious/paranormal/highly coincidental experience in their lives, I reckon a good 95% would say yes.

But even if this is the case, why am I so bothered by it?  I guess for me, it’s all-consuming, it really is.  Here’s what my life is like, perhaps other psychic mediums may / may not feel the same, but this is what it’s like for me on a day to day basis:

I think about death and spirits about 90% of my day.  I can’t help this.  I constantly have my head here and there too.  When I say there, I mean that I get dead people pop up into my thoughts a lot.  This is involuntary on my part.  At the moment, I have a young woman that recently died, it was a shock to everyone.  My mum knew her mum years ago.  Since the young woman died, she pops up about three times a day.  I know it’s because she is reaching out to any medium that might help her connect with her mum who is still alive.

When I meet people for the first time, I read their aura & at times, feel like I know what others are thinking.  I do wonder if this is just non-vocal body language that everyone reads, but I feel as sharp as a button on this.  A couple of times in my life I’ve answered questions to family members when they haven’t spoken a word, they have just thought about something and I’ve joined in on their thought.

I saw a really good medium called Jeff Philips who looked a bit freaked out when he read for me.  “You can mind read…….very clever…….yes, you read others minds?  Very interesting….” He looked at me like I was guilty of something and even made me feel a little bad!

I get huge surges of excited energy build up.  Seriously, I get excited about things that I don’t even know about yet.  It’s like something so good is about to happen, I have no idea what, but its amazing and gives me an incredible feeling of peace.  I also get this in a creative sense too.  Like I just want to go and write a book or start a painting.  Its like I have all this stuff that I want to share with everyone……

I can feel the colour of people’s auras when I put my hands on them for Reiki.  Greens for empaths and healers, yellows for positives and optimists, pinks for social butterflies, blues for pragmatic and practical, cold for down/low and black for depressed……..

I now talk to Blue (my guide) on a daily basis, every night in fact.  I ask him to let me know once he is here (clearly, I’m pulling him away from his higher dimensional frequency – it takes about 30 seconds) and I get the familiar stroking feeling on my cheek.  Then I ask him questions and he answers with visions, song names, words and my memory bank.  If he doesn’t want to tell me (its not in my best interest to know) I get a blank.  He is funny and jokes with me a lot and my impatience is actually a source of humour for him.

How do I know he is called Blue and how do I know who he is?  I will write about that in another blog,

Until next time


A life lived from fear = a life half lived

Live your dreams


Some of us live our lives from fear based decisions.  Or decisions that never allow us to reach out of the comfort zone and to develop into our true potential.

Have a think about these:

  • Have you stayed in the same job, or same position for the last ten to twenty to thirty years?

  • Has your financial position ever got better or just stayed the same, or even got worse?

  • Do you still watch the same TV shows you watched when you were a teenager? In fact, do you watch more TV then go out and have experiences?

  • Has your circle of friends stayed exactly the same, grown, changed or gone completely?

  • Do you feel like you have changed much since you were 21?

  • Are things getting better and better as you age? Is it something to look forward too or dread?

  • What new skill have your learnt over the past few years?

  • Do you stop others living their dreams or do you pee on their parade because of your own self limitations?

I haven’t listed the above to make someone feel crap about their lives if they fit into quite a few of those categories, in terms of “staying where they are”.  But sometimes I feel we have to get honest with ourselves.  What stops us from getting off our backsides and making positives changes in our lives?  If you are happy in your comfort zone, then I guess most of this doesn’t apply to you.  But if you know deep down that something maybe lacking, perhaps it actually does.

  • Learnt behaviour: fear. Being conditioned by our parents from a very young age to be scared of the world and everything in it.  Don’t get me wrong, a little bit of fear is sensible, it could save your life, but some poor people have to spend years undoing thought patterns and behaviours that have been planted there by innocent parents that thought they were doing the right thing (and some guilty Narcissistic parents too)

  • Lacking in motivation and will-power. Maybe this is chemical in the brain, I have no idea, I’m not a clinical psychologist so perhaps there is something that gives one person more drive than the other.

  • Lacking in confidence: Newsflash = confidence happens when you are living and growing, the majority of us are not born with it. But if you don’t challenge yourself and try new things you might as well leave it right there at the door!

  • Worry what others think. How many of us do this, even subconsciously?  Why the hell are we worried about the opinions of others?  Who the hell are they to put that on us anyway?  Here’s a thought, someone that truly loves you never judges you and actually thinks your awesome for your quirky little ways and the ones that don’t have got some real insecurity crap going on right there.

  • I can’t afford / don’t have the money / time / resources to live my dreams: why are you limiting yourself? If you seek from the heart with passion, drive and motivation you can have any life you wish.  Every time you say that last sentence is not true you just burst your own dream.

  • Negativity breeds negativity: like attracts like and what we feel now shapes our future tomorrow. This is so true.  If you live your life in a cycle of negative thoughts and actions you will only attract the same things again and again.  I can’t change my job because……I can’t afford to do that because………..I don’t like doing that because…….I’ve never been any good at that because…………what the hell are you here for anyway??

  • I don’t deserve it: You deserve the world.  Everyone got born here for a reason and yes there are a lot of us but you are special and unique, there is only one of you after all.  Start by loving the person you are.

What does all of the above have to do with my love for spiritualism and the afterlife?  It has everything to do with it!  Because when I write, I always feel I’m guided by my intuition, or by spirit, or by the other side, or whatever you want to call it!  And here is what I feel about the human journey:

If we are not constantly learning and having experiences (good and bad) – we are not growing.  If we do not push ourselves, even in the most fearful of situations we are never going to know what we could have achieved.

We have to stop trying to control those we love most because of our fear-based feelings.  This is the one that gets to me the most.  Just because you are scared, please don’t push that fear onto the human being that you love the most.  You got to be brave with that side of things too.

Your life is in your hands.  You are fully responsible for your happiness and accountable for your life, that’s no-one else’s job.  If you find yourself in a life that you didn’t think you would have, that you don’t deserve, then it’s high time you did something about that.  Taking responsibility for your life is the one thing that will make things change.  It isn’t your mums fault, the schools fault, the governments fault, your kids fault, your mates fault….they may have shaped you once but the end of the day, you wake up as you and you go to bed as you too.

Here is a book recommendation for you: A Piece Of Cake by Cupcake Brown. This is one of the most inspiring and thought-provoking books I’ve ever read about a girl who had the most unimaginable hardships but turned her whole life around.

So every time you stop yourself from starting that business, starting the hobby, writing the book, going for that job, asking that girl out you have loved for years because you are afraid of rejection….think about your limited timespan here on the life journey and let’s face it, failure happens, but so does accomplishment in equal if not a bigger measuring jugs!

Don’t waste this life journey, because you blink and it’s over.  Start today and change things for the better, and believe me, if you go at this with a positive mind-set, it will happen.

Until next time,