Spirit Signs For Special Occasions​


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that spirit will ramp up their efforts to give you a sign that they are with you during big occasions.  Weddings, births, graduations, that sort of thing, they want you to know that they are sharing in the festivities with you.  This also counts for funerals, especially the spirit who has passed, they will certainly try and get a message to a receptive loved one, telling them that they are ok, they are fine where they are, it is us who are left behind that find it hard to accept what has happened.

After being together for eighteen years, my sister and her partner finally decided last year to book and plan a wedding!  The last time we had a family wedding, well it was mine almost ten years ago, so the excitement has been building and finally, on Friday 14th June the big day arrived!   I certainly got a few signs just before the wedding and also managed to nail the weather prediction, have a read:

Weather Prediction

This isn’t a sign, but it is one of my predictions that I wanted to mention as part of this blog post.  Last summer, I had a clear dream of what the weather would be like for my sister’s wedding.  Living in the UK, our weather is one of the hardest climates to predict in the world (fact!) because of where we sit on the globe and the jet stream makes it even more unpredictable (I have no idea where I picked this fact up from!  Probably the husband….) anyway, last year I had a dream prediction: heavy (and I mean HEAVY) rain in the morning and then it clears to bright, fantastic sunshine.

Fast forward to the week of the wedding and the rain here had been a torrential downpour. I mean non-stop solid rain for at least two days of the week and then drizzle and cloud in between.  It really had been prolonged (even for British standards) and depressing.  Bearing in mind its mid-June, it’s pretty damn awful. I kept thinking about my prediction and checking the weather constantly and the forecast said that Friday would be sunny all day, no rain at all.  Perhaps my prediction was wrong?

On the morning of the wedding, even with my very reliable weather app still telling me that there would be only sunshine, I could see out of the window that it was a very different story indeed.  Black low clouds were looming.  As we, the bridal party got ready at my mum’s house, to our horror we saw the heavens literally open and the heaviest rain come down outside.  The make-up artist and hairdresser tried to give words of encouragement, the photographer said don’t worry it will be okay.  But my poor sister was devastated, I could tell, her venue was specifically chosen as it is an outside venue, having it inside would just not cut it……

As we made a dash for the wedding cars under huge umbrellas, we drove through the soggy country roads and I kept thinking about my prediction.  “Heavy heavy rain then the clouds will literally open and sun will shine down” – I prayed that I was right.

The heaviest of the rain must have been between my sister getting in the car and her twenty-minute journey to the venue.  However, minutes before she arrived, something miraculous happened.  The rain clouds started to blow in the other direction.

The wedding venue organizer decided that he would not be beaten, we were having this wedding outside!  So off to the gardens went the guests to await the Bridal Party.

As the beautiful ceremony commenced, the rain clouds floated away.  Then something happened that I will never forget.  The divine timing of this was one of those wow moments that makes you feel like magic just happened.  As the registrar announced that the couple were now man and wife, the clouds parted and the biggest sunbeam shone down on them from the sky above, a spotlight of pure golden energy, just as I had predicted!

My mum grabbed my arm with tears streaming down her cheeks “You did it again Tanya!” she said and I laughed “Mum I can’t change the weather….I just get a heads up sometimes!”

After that, the sun continued to shine brightly well into the evening………..

First Dance Song

The Saturday before my sister’s wedding was the Hen Night.  We were at a restaurant with a large party of friends.  Half-way through the night, I left the table at the restaurant to go to the toilet.  There was background music on in the toilet and when I entered it was Taylor Swift playing. Once I was out of the cubicle and washing my hands, I noticed the track had changed.  It was a band called “The Goo Goo Dolls” playing “Iris”.  This was my first dance song at my own wedding ten years ago.  I never, repeat, NEVER, hear that song anymore.  I knew instantly it was a sign from spirit, nodding a head at my sisters forthcoming nuptials!

On the morning after the wedding, during breakfast at the hotel, low and behold, in the background the very same song was played again!  Perfect timing, on the hen night and during the wedding breakfast – my first dance song!  Spirit will use songs to grab your attention, the songs that hold the most meanings and memories for you. They are always connected.  So do listen out for them!


My wedding present for my sister and her husband-to-be was a night’s stay at a really lovely hotel in Hertfordshire.  My mum and dad decided to pitch in and give them some cash for a nice meal whilst there and we toyed with the idea of getting them a bottle of champagne for the room on arrival.  After being quoted £65+ from the hotel for the champagne, we decided we would rather them put the money toward food, but I did feel a bit disappointed.  On that same day, my husband came home from a works conference with the biggest bottle of champagne I have ever seen!  “I won this in the raffle, I never win anything! I thought we could give it to Karley and Danny?” he said as he walked through the door.  I knew instantly that this was no coincidence, this was the work of my nan, telling us don’t worry, the champagne is on her!

English Rose

Talking of my nan, I have mentioned before what a good sign giver she is, it’s pretty amazing what she can manipulate from her living quarters to ours!  If you follow my regular weekly blogs, you will see last week that I posted about my lucid dream experience and I met with my nan during that episode. I couldn’t understand why my nan was wearing an English Rugby t-shirt in the dream (she was not a Rugby fan whilst living – in fact, none of us are).  When I woke up, I googled it and saw that the England Rugby emblem is an English Rose, her name is Rose and I felt like she was making reference to her name.  I left it as that, until the morning before the wedding!

I popped out to do some last-minute errands and, on the way home I almost drove another way back to my house but decided to stick to the route I was on.  It’s like something told me to go that way.  As I drove up the hill, there, on someone’s front gate, was the biggest England Rugby flag with the biggest English Rose emblem on that I have ever seen.  Coincidence? No, not at all.  In this part of England, you never, ever see Rugby flags.  Football flags yes (only during big games) but not Rugby (in fact I don’t think I have ever seen one out flying before).  Was there an England Rugby game on that day?  If there was it was news to me, so as soon as I got home I googled this and there was an England Rugby game, the under 20s England V Australia……exciting but not exactly a national big deal……whoever stuck that flag up is very passionate about Rugby to stick an entire gates worth of flag up for the world to see……or me to see……..to reference it straight back to my nan, for me to know instantly that she is sending her love, that she is HERE, she is watching and she and all the other people we have loved and “lost” are going to be with us tomorrow on my sisters big day!

I also googled “Rugby World Cup” and apparently this year, 2019 is the Rugby world cup but it doesn’t start until September……….so there you go, this could also be a bit of a prediction, we may well win the Rugby world cup……….place your bets now………..

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I haven’t had a lucid dream in ages, until last Friday night.  It’s bonkers how I go from just dreaming about a load of old rubbish to suddenly “waking” whilst in my dream, understanding very clearly that I am in a different state of consciousness and then deciding that I’m on a mission to take as much evidence as possible whilst being in this unusual state of mind.

It’s quite apparent to me that when we dream, we also visit the Astral realm.  This is a place that is another reality, another level of consciousness that we access when we sleep, meditate (sometimes) and when we die.  I’ve read extensively about people who are able to Astral travel (leave their body whilst sleeping, an out of body experience that literally means they wake up somewhere else).  They go to the Astral, which isn’t that dissimilar to Earth, except that it’s much more beautiful and we are able to do a few more “futuristic” things that we can’t do here on the physical (like fly or read people’s minds, psychics, however, can already prove this ability here on Earth).

So, with all this in mind, when I wake up in my dream, I suddenly turn into Investigator Tanya, making sure I use the time wisely to conduct a few experiments, have a few conversations and also meet up with my deceased loved ones!

On Friday night, whilst sleeping, I was quite happily dreaming when all of a sudden the view changed in the dream, I look down at my hands and I can see every intricate skin line and detail, I rub my hand on my jeans and feel the fabric and friction against my skin…that’s it, I’m awake in my dream and I must hold this energy for as long as possible to conduct my experiments!  So here are my findings:

Talking to a local:

I find myself on the street that I live on now (lots of consistent research suggests that the Astral is like a carbon copy of Earth, so when you pass on you won’t be surprised to find you can visit very familiar places).  So, I’m on the street, but not in my house, I’m in a big house that is on the row just behind mine, I’ve been in this house before as a client lives there.  For some reason I’m leaving the house then see a stranger walking past so I shout out to her and she stops and looks directly at me.

“Am I in the Astral?” I ask.

“Yes, you are” she replies.

“Do you know you used to live on Earth?  Do you understand that you died?” I ask.

“Yes, I do know that” she replies.

Satisfied with her answer, I walk on towards my own house.

The Elements

I’ve always wondered about what the weather is like in the Astral.  I’m currently writing a fictional novel about the Astral and when it comes to describing the weather, I kind of left it that its always at an ambient temperature/no real extremes either side.  The Astral is a mental plane, although there is physicality there.  It sounds hard for us to wrap our brains around this, but the basic consensus with people that have had Near Death Experiences or who have astral traveled via them have confirmed this.  So, the weather and elements have always been something I have wondered about. I often ask myself questions like, what’s the point of rain if it isn’t needed to sustain life?

In my “dream”, I remember clearly that it was very windy outside, in fact, the wind was thrashing against my face and it was taking my breath away.  Interestingly, on Friday night, the actual night that I had this dream, there were gale force winds outside and I am now wondering if I was actually astral projecting myself, even though I felt like I was lucid dreaming.  I can’t put into words how “real” the wind on my face felt.  This was no dream, nowhere near the same.

I remember thinking that I can feel the wind on my face, then it just stopped and I felt the sunbeams on my face and it felt wonderful.  “So there is a sun in the Astral” I remember thinking, another answer to another question I have often thought about whilst writing my novel.

Mental Creation

Two experiments down, I decided to conduct another, I ask two volunteers (these are literally strangers just walking past) to sit on a bed with me (it appears that I can just conjure up a bed out of nowhere) and I ask these two women to come and sit on the bed with me, we are going to fly through the air on it. One of the women seems enthusiastic about this, the other does not, however, she decides to join us both on the bed.  Before we know it, the bed has taken off and we are now flying around my street, however, only two of us are experiencing this.  The other woman makes it clear that even though she is sitting on the bed, she is not flying with us because she didn’t want too.  It appears that different realities can be experienced all at the same time, even when people are together.


After the bed ride, I understood that to hold my energy in this lucid state is hard work and I will soon fade back into a normal dream state so I decided that whilst I am here I must catch up with my nan, who died in 2002.  So far I’ve met up with my father-in-law, Uncle, and Grandad but haven’t seen nan in ages.  This is an ideal opportunity!  I look up toward my current Earth house and it seems the same except there are roses all over the wall, this is a good indication that she is there (her name is Rose).

I go into my house, upstairs into my bedroom, seeing roses everywhere.  I call out to her and then feel her presence, suddenly she walks straight into the room!  My visual of her is as clear as a button (remember I haven’t seen her in 17 years).  She is wearing an England Rugby shirt (I thought this was a very strange outfit choice, I didn’t know why) and her hair is straight and grey (my mum used to perm her hair, but obviously she has let it go straight now) and she is the same age as when she died, she has put on a little bit of weight, not much, just healthy.

We go to speak to each other and then I am pulled back away from her.  I am really disappointed but this feeling doesn’t last long because I realise that my spirit guide Blue is next to me, I can feel him and then see an Asian man in blue robes praying and all of a sudden I am overcome with extreme emotion at seeing Blue (even more so then nan!) that suddenly I wake up in bed, actually crying!  Not sad tears, happy tears? (god only knows what my husband must think I’m doing in bed each night!).

I just lay there and think about nan and the Rugby shirt and decide to google the logo (I am not a Rugby fan at all & I’m ashamed to say that I have never really thought about nor noticed the English Rugby emblem!) and realise that the logo is the English Rose.  Of course, she is wearing her name for me!

Some people may think this is just a very elaborate dream, however I know the difference between a normal dream and a lucid one.  The possibilities are endless, the hard part is knowing when and if a dream will turn lucid but when it does I will always use that opportunity to see what life is like in the Astral and most importantly, catch up with those that have moved on from Earth.

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We Did It: Platform Mediums!

The 2nd June 2019 was a day myself and my good friend and fellow medium Jess had been working towards for an entire year. We were going out on platform to give a demonstration of mediumship as “fledglings”.

For those who are unfamiliar with what a dem is, let me set the scene: a Devine Service is held on a Sunday and is held at a Spiritualist Church (normally a scout hut type of set up!). The Devine Service has been going back years & years, hence the fact it is still connected to a Church format. I’ve always found it interesting, as Spirituality (in my opinion) is not a religion yet at this service there are hymns, the Lord’s Prayer & to be honest, it feels very Christian during the first 45 minutes. I guess this is tradition, it’s always been done this way since this type of service originated from Christianity. However, most mediums I know do not carry a particular faith, myself included.

Local people come along, pay a couple of pounds at the door that goes to the Church and then sit in the congregation. The Chair Person introduces the mediums, the first prayer, the hymn. Then an address from the medium is given (this is an inspirational talk on any subject, it’s not always prepared and is supposed to come from spirit to give guidance, positivity & hope to the people listening) another hymn and then straight into the mediumship where evidence is given from the people’s past loved ones in spirit, with a message for those lucky ones.

At last nights demonstration I did four private one to one tarot readings before the service began, as they wanted to raise a bit of money for the church and this was a great distraction for me, tarot readings are my happy place at the moment and it stopped me thinking about the fact I was about to stand up in front of fifteen strangers with no back up script.

After my readings, Jess and I got ready to sit at the stage with fellow professional medium Jayne Finch. Jayne was as calm as a cucumber and a pillar of strength for us, we were so nervous.

The hymn part did not help as there was a mix up on the CD and we ended up singing “What The World Needs Now” by Dionne Warwick (not a traditional hymn, which I kind of liked) but there are a few vocal acrobatics going on in that song and like an idiot I shot Jess a side glance, big mistake! She was trying herself not to laugh and of course our connection only intensified this situation so there I spent the remainder of that song, literally crying, my eyes almost popping out of my head, thinking of actual death to try and stop the fits of laughter. I couldn’t. My mum was in the congregation and confirmed after that yes, she could see me laughing. Jeeze how unprofessional. I have no idea how to stop that (I’ve been laughing in awkward situations since I was a child).

Anyhow, song over, it’s time for the host medium to take the stage. Before we knew it, it was Jess’s turn. I could feel her nerves….or was it mine? She stood up there, bold as brass and connected with a large lad who loved to box. Straight away she got a hand up and proceeded to give fantastic evidence for this lady and on her second link was just as strong. I was so happy for Jess!

Then it was my turn. I stand up and decide to go with the link of a young lady I had since Jess gave me a “trigger” word before the dem started. I love having a trigger word, it’s given to me and as soon as I get the word it reminds me of someone or something that then links me to the spirit. In this case, I saw a young girl who got sick aged around 12 and died in her early twenties and she gave me the name Dave. She wanted to get a message to her living brother, to pass on to her dad.

I gave the evidence and like a moron forgot to give the name Dave. Anyway, this link was actually for Jess and she took the info but there was still a bit of mystery around if the message was for the brother or dad (whilst living she hadn’t spoken to her dad in years).

Anyway, my other links went well, I was happy with my evidence (getting pets like a tortoise which isn’t the norm is always good evidence in my book) and Jess also did amazingly well.

I needed to get another link and this is what I always struggle with. So I asked my Guide Blue to show me something in the room to get my link from. My eyes are drawn to a painting of a Scout Leader on the wall. I suddenly felt what this mans personality was like. With that I stand and I describe this man, his relationships, his work life and I am drawn to the lady in the front. The reading is for her and I felt it flowed, the message more poignant as his love for her was so strong I could feel it in my bones.

Jess and I did our last link as a double link, where we both connected to the same spirit and provided the evidence. We bounced off each other and by this point the nerves had gone and we felt confident and at ease.

Before we knew it, we had ended our night of mediumship and were being signed for another night in the diary, we couldn’t believe it we were so happy!

In the car on the way home, we chatted enthusiastically about the night and how well it went for both of us. I mentioned to Jess about the first Spirit, the girl she used to know. Was it really for her brother, we questioned, then I remembered his name. “Oh is he called Dave?” I asked. Jess spins her head around “yes Tanya, his name is Dave!”.

Emma, our good friend and teacher and who was driving us just burst out laughing “Tanya, next time, just say what you see!”,

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My Waste Anxiety

The whole climate change crises is not news to me, in terms of my levels of anxiety associated with this subject.  In fact, I remember in 1988 when I was a slip of a girl, receiving my very own Blue Peter book on how to help save the Earth by reducing greenhouse gases and to stop that big old hole in the ozone layer getting any larger.  I seem to remember it mentioning fridges, pressurized deodorants and that I shouldn’t go to Australia without factor 110 sunscreen………

Fast forward to about five years before now and I started to have a new type of worry. It happened when I did my weekly food shop and I stood in the queue with my trolley full of shopping, awaiting my turn at the check-out.  I looked at all my stuff, at everyone else’s stuff and then all the stuff all around me in this huge supermarket.  Then I thought about all the other supermarkets across the country, then Europe, then the world.  I started to have an internal panic attack at the thought of all this stuff.  The packaging was the main source of my anxiety and what happens to it after we have used it all and throw it away.  Then waste became another big concern and I started to google where my waste goes because I just cannot accept that there are enough holes in the ground for all the waste that every single human produces………then the food, the overconsumption, of not only food but also of anything you want (if you are in the Western World anyway).  I am pretty sure that if I type into Amazon “Green Goblin with hairy boobies” I will be able to order one and receive it via Prime the next day……Amazon, all that packaging……all the trees.  Wood, if you think about it, wood has been used to make stuff for hundreds of years, all the newspapers let alone houses, furniture…..why haven’t we ran out of it?  Oh yeah…….we are running out.

What was happening to me in the supermarket those few years before the climate change crises was really taken seriously?  I honestly feel like I have been picking up on something on some sort of energetic level when it comes to this huge and very real problem.  I know obviously you don’t have to be a psychic to figure out what is happening here, but it’s the fact I couldn’t shake this feeling for so long, it would keep me up at night the thought of running out of resources and the destruction of our natural world and then, of course, us.

Perhaps it coincides with the fact I have a daughter and that I worry about her future. Sometimes on my really low days, I don’t see my daughter’s generation having their own grandkids….I feel like we literally have around 50 years of the human existence left……blimey, what a dark and awful post this is!!  My normal positive self doesn’t want to show up for this debate for some reason.

I’m being lazy on this post because there are no facts or figures it is just the inner ramblings of my mind (sometimes these make the best posts).  Out of everything, the waste issue really gets to me and people that drop litter really get to me like nothing else.  The other day, I was at Liverpool Street Station in London when I saw a man and a boy sitting on a bench and the man dropped a sandwich carton on the floor and the comical thing was that he made out it was an accident, but it was such a rubbish attempt that his stupidity offended me and made me want to laugh in equal measure.

“Excuse me, is this yours?” I say to his shocked and surprised face.

“Do you live in your own waste at home?  Who cleans it up after you, you smelly little man?  Why’s it ok for someone to clean up after you?  Are you better than me?  Because I throw my rubbish away, why don’t you?  Why are you lazy?  Why don’t you care?  You realise that when you drop litter it says more about your personality than just about anything ever could?  It’s telling me that you think the world owes you a favour.  It’s telling me that you take no accountability for your own actions. It’s telling me that you have zero motivation levels and no ambition or drive.  It’s telling me you are lazy in relationships and put no effort in.  It’s telling me you are ignorant and are actually a virus, you are what’s part of the problem, no, you are the problem”.

Of course, I didn’t say that to him, but that’s what I thought about for five minutes after I saw that man drop the litter.  I should have said something, and I know that passive aggressiveness is doing nothing for my positive chakra balancing and even reading that back I can see that I’m being harsh to this guy, because all humans are the virus, it’s just some of us or more aware of it than others.

I have no idea why I chose to write about this today and I wish that it was more constructive, like me giving ideas about plastic alternatives or how to reduce my carbon footprint.  I’m sure these posts are going to come soon……..just not today.  Today I want to rant about a man on a bench who dropped litter and I wanted to punch his face.

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Don’t Feed The Trolls!

I have taken the plunge to actively start using my YouTube channel.  This is a big deal as seeing myself on camera makes me cringe internally, but I’ve decided it’s a great way to spread the word on so many of the wonderful topics that I love talking about and especially because of the awesome feedback I get from clients about inspiring people.  I’ve even bought myself a little tripod…….so high tech!

So, my first topic of conversation was the positive Law of Attraction as this is something I love practising myself and I’ve tried and tested it, it works!  I also teach this course so it’s something I know about and it’s a great way to spread a bit of positivity in this harsh and sometimes mad world.

I wasn’t expecting subscribers and video views overnight, however, I was expecting that if I get any troll trouble, it won’t be until further, much further down the line. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting any troll action at all as that’s not what I put out there!  But alas, after two, yes TWOviews of my second Law Of Attraction video, I received a horrible comment.

I’ve deleted it now, but it went along the lines of:

“Why are you selling an old lie?  The Universe doesn’t listen to you!  This is just like all the other scammers like Billy Fingers and Jinky Juice (wtaf?!?) blah….blah”…it went on and on and then I deleted it.

At first, I was shocked and upset that this person had even bothered to try and cut me down.  But of course, this is the trolls main aim here.  So, I decided to thank him in my mind and say for every one bad comment I get, I help about ten people with my positivity.

Then, of course, me being me I wanted to dissect the inner workings of this person’s soul for being such an arse and doing this to my video!  So, I do, like he took the time to comment on my video, I take the time to dissect his soul!  And this is what I find:

Why are you selling an old lie?  Translates into: Why are you getting off your arse to do something positive when all I can do is sit behind this computer and look for light to feed on?   I need light to feed on because my soul is so hungry. There is a gaping hole in me, from years of being neglected on an emotional level.  I was never given the self-confidence to achieve an inner belief to eventually acknowledge that I and I alone can make a difference to people’s lives.  Because of this upbringing and conditioning, I don’t have any self-awareness which actually means I don’t take accountability for my words, thoughts and actions.  That’s the fault of those that brought me up (my subconscious keeps telling me that it’s actually down to me to change this, but I do like to ignore my soul).  The truth is I’m jealous.  I’m jealous of anyone being positive because I find that difficult to do.  So, I want to cut you down, I want to bring you into my level of darkness and negativity, why should you be up there when I’m down here?  I don’t have the energy to climb up to you, it’s much easier for me to drag you down, isn’t it?

The Universe doesn’t listen to you:  Nothing good has ever worked for me!  So, it’s not true!  My life is a jumble of crap, its nothing to do with the fact that I ride my days on such a bleak and fragile outlook and I cannot and will not pull myself out of it, no its nothing to do with that at all.  I’m angry at you people for talking about the Universe because it hates me, it doesn’t help me, no one does.  I’m alone, completely alone in this world, this Universe!  The truth is I’m actually afraid, very afraid………

Just like all the other scammers:  I know nothing about you, however, I have judged you according to my own standards. That is what I do.  I have never taken the time to research the power of positivity, why the hell would I do that?  I have no factual evidence that Billy Fingers is not a real account of something that happened (if you are unfamiliar with Billy Fingers, check out the book and make your own mind up!). I don’t know what you do for a living, I’m making assumptions based on my own self-limiting beliefs.


This is me, I am the troll.  I search for the light to snuff it out.  It feeds me like nothing else, your light.  The self-satisfaction I feel when I get a response from your light is almost all-consuming and intoxicating, as that is my aim, to hurt you and to know about it.  But, after the transaction of my darkness with your light, I feel empty.  It’s darkness, loneliness, a feeling that is so vast and so huge that the only way to fill it up again is to find someone else’s light to feed on………will I even find my own light to fill it?  That is the Troll’s everlasting mission. 

There, all that said, I feel better now.  My word of advice is, don’t feed the troll, dissect their soul a little, then let their energy go.

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The Problem With Predictions

Knowing the difference between a symbolic dream and future prediction is the hardest part of having psychic ability, especially when it affects me personally. A brain is an incredible tool that has the ability to take all our worries, fears, hopes and dreams plus all the things we have said, heard, seen and smelt over the last few days and stirs them up into a big subconscious soup that gets filtered throughout brain each night.  Sometimes we remember dreams, sometimes we don’t.  But how do I know if I’m getting a prediction?  This has caused me quite a lot of stress and anxiety over the years.

I always say, go with the feeling, if it feels deep, if I have this inner knowing that it’s a prediction then it probably is.  But would spirit be so cruel and tell me how a loved one will die one day? I mean, it’s happened before, I was given the exact date of my granddads passing in 2005, so it can happen again, right? I’m hoping by writing this blog, I manage to reassure myself (and others who have these types of dreams) that I don’t think spirit would be that unkind.  So here is what happened:

About a year ago, I awoke in the middle of the night after having what I consider a nightmare.  In this dream, I just remember my phone ringing, when I picked it up, it was a strangers voice, a male Asian man that I did not recognise.  He is introducing himself and as he does, my dream starts to turn lucid, so it’s like I am aware of the situation and my own reality, even though I am in a dream state.

“Your husband was driving in London, he had a car accident, I’m sorry to say Mrs Short we couldn’t save him……..”

I wake up at that point.  The most awful thing about this dream experience is that I felt every single feeling of shock and horror, just like I would feel as if it actually happened to me. It was off the scale horrendous and I was sobbing for a long time after and could not get back to sleep.

The next morning, I made a point of telling Craig about this dream, like if I told him, it won’t come true.  He reassured me that he won’t die in a car crash (I guess he can predict the future now right?).

I finally got my head around that this was just a dream until something else happened that literally pushed my anxiety up another level.   I was going to Romford, to a new client that I had never met before.  She was a German lady in her seventies who wanted Reiki after a stressful couple of years. The strange thing is she heard about me whilst chatting to a buyer at her boot sale some months before which I thought was random, to say the least.  Anyhow, on the day of her treatment, I ask the Angels to protect my car journey (normal practice) and off I went to her house.

Her house was on the worst road ever, it was a Feng Shui nightmare!  It was literally the main road that buses and everything can go on, in fact, I had to be so quick to pull up which added so much pressure on me as finding new locations is not exactly my strongest attribute.

Once in her house it was like a little sanctuary and had an alpine feel to it, it was quirky and just like her, I warmed to her and her house quickly. She took me into the kitchen and offered a cup of tea which I decided I should have after the journey and I asked about all the cats she had.  She was really excited to tell me that she rescues cats and wanted me to see her little cat house.

This part of the story gets weird because before I knew it, I was in this ladies back garden, sitting in what can only be described as a cat Wendy House complete with pictures on the wall and an actual cat Chaise Lounges!  Acknowledging internally that sometimes I have strange experiences with this job, I decided it was time to crack on with her treatment.

This is the sad part, I established during and after her treatment that her husband, aged seventy-three years old, was killed, run over outside her house by a white van about two years ago.  I couldn’t believe such an awful thing happened outside her own front door, that every time she looks outside on that road she must have a memory of what happened, as she was there and saw it all, it must have been horrific.

Bearing all of that in mind, she was over the worst of her grief journey. She told me that it’s her spirituality that has kept her going and got her through it all, then she told me about the dream.  She told me that about two years before her husband was killed outside his own front door, she had a dream that he was dead.  She woke up crying, as did I when I had my dream.  She took it as a warning to get all her paperwork together, a Will sorted, life insurance etc.  But she didn’t heed the warning and when he died she was left with an awful financial mess to sort out.

“So young lady, you must always have your paperwork in order, you never know what is around the corner,” she said to me, in her thick German accent.

As I drove home that day, I felt sick.  Was that another warning sign?  Would spirit be that unkind to give me a heads up, and to be honest, even if it is, how can I help a situation that may already have been written into someone’s life contract?

Of course, my husband, who doesn’t believe in predictions or spirits or the afterlife, thinks that I’m bonkers and needs to get a grip of myself, he isn’t concerned about this at all.  But I will be honest, I took out a Will since I met that lady…………..

I don’t’ think my husband will die in a car crash.  On reflection, I do feel they wanted to get a message across to me about him, which I am not going to go into in this blog post, but I do feel that they wanted my attention about something which I have since acknowledged.

So you see, having the gift of foresight is a blessing and a curse.  Whether or not I get it to help warn people or to just prove that things have already been written into our future, I don’t think I will ever know.  But what I do know is that for me personally, there is a fine line between my realities and I do sometimes think I may spend a lifetime trying to work it all out.

Until next time,



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Battle Ships


On 3rd April 2019, I had laparoscopic keyhole surgery to remove endometriosis adhesions & scar tissue from my internal organs, polyps from my uterus and cysts from my ovaries.

I was last on the list to go down for surgery that morning and I waited five hours.  That was okay though because compared to others, my surgery isn’t life-threatening, I could have much worse conditions.  At the exact time, I was in the hospital waiting for my own surgery, my sisters mother in law was in a London hospital having her liver taken out of body and a possible tumour being removed, an operation that would take over six hours.  On the other side of the world, one of my best friends was in a Cambodian hospital attached to a drip after contracting Dangee Fever (from the Yellow Fever family) and her platelets were dropping so low she might need a blood transfusion…so my case really was pretty low down the pile of surgeries and illness for that week.

The waiting was the hardest part though and I asked my spirit team to give me some superpower strength on the walk down to theatre, which they did.

The anaesthetist was a lovely, funny man who looked like he had comedy teeth in but they suited him and made him endearing.  He joked that he had trouble getting the cannula into every patient he had that morning.  When he had trouble with my right wrist, I realised he was being serious.  It hurt like hell and continued too, he kept going back to it and decided he didn’t trust it to work properly (interesting choice of words before a general anaesthetic is administered but I still trusted him completely!).

“I’m going to do it in the other wrist” were the words I heard but chose to block out.  Cannula administration has followed a similar pattern all my life…it doesn’t go very well.  He bent my wrist forward after tapping very hard on the vein and getting the nurse to squeeze my forearm.

“I don’t think we are having much luck today” he mumbles…then puts the needle in and the pain I have and his sorry eyes tell me we have to try again.

I lie back, close my eyes and call on my angels.  I take some very deep breaths and repeat in my head “please let this work, please let this work” and a quick scratch later he is all smiles “you did that!  That wasn’t me…what did you do?  Well done! Now in 30 seconds, you will be asleep”….30, 29, 28, 27………

When I come round in the recovery ward I am aware of three things.  A pain in my stomach, a kind voice asking me how bad the pain is, and a spirit touching my face.

“Scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst?”


Click, he releases pain killer directly into my iv line and it feels like liquid gold…and I feel my Nan by my side.

After I am wheeled into my room and after the nurse has taken my blood pressure and left me, I’m aware of my uncle standing in the corner of my room.  I fall asleep and I’m woken by the feeling of spirit around my tummy…my grandad has come in this time too.  Every now and then I see a flash of blue light…..that will be Blue my guide.  Blimey, they are all making an appearance today.

My husband and my little girl come in to see me.  I’m still hazy and out of it, they tell me they are going down to the restaurant for dinner whilst I sleep some more.

As I drift into a delicious semi-conscious post anaesthetic sleep, I suddenly find myself floating in the hospital restaurant.  I appear to be having some weird out of body experience which feels very lucid in this dream state.

I can see my husband and little girl at their table and I can see my little girl has his mobile phone in her hands, she is laughing as she plays “Battle Ships” on an App on his phone.  She hasn’t played Battle Ships in well over 6 months, we haven’t spoken about it in a long time, it’s not something she would just pick up and play.

When they both return to my bed after dinner, my little girl runs up to me.

“We had dinner mummy!” she says enthusiastically.

“I know what you were doing, I could see you,” I told her as I came round.

“Did you see me playing Battle Ships?” she asked, with a surprised look on her little face.

“I sure did,” I said, as my husband rolled his eyes behind her……………

Until next time,