Holistic Massage Treatments

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a treatment that uses essential oils to massage with.  The oils enter the blood stream by being absorbed via the skin as well as via the nose when breathed in.  The massage techniques used during this treatment focus specifically on pressure points, lymphatic drainage and soothing the muscles of the body.

There are literally hundreds of different aromatherapy oils available, ranging from flowers, seeds, herbs, resin and fruits.  The essential oils are extracted from the plants very life force and when it enters into the blood stream, it mimics hormones in the body.  This is why aromatherapy is a very powerful treatment and can be used to help with healing different physical ailments, as well as providing mental and spiritual calm and tranquility.

During consultation I will discuss the objectives of the treatment with the client so that we can find a pre-blended essential oil suitable for the clients needs.

The History Of Aromatherapy

Essential oils were first recorded in the history books as far back as 2000 BC and have been used throughout the ages by various races in differing countries.  Records in the Bible show the use of aromatic oils of the treatment of illness.  The early Egyptians first started to extract the oils, then ancient Greeks, Arabs, followed by Englishman, and powerful are so these oils that it is a well known fact that the majority of English plague survivors were using essential oils with antiseptic properties.



Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Hot Stone Therapy is perfect for achieving mental wellness.  The combination of the warm basalt stones and the massage help to melt away tension, creating a calming atmosphere.  Your mind relaxes at the deepest level and the stresses and anxieties of everyday life disappear.  This therapeutic massage helps to create a sense of wellbeing.  Insomnia and depression can be helped by Hot Stone Therapy on a regular basis.

Another benefit of Hot Stone Massage is the feeling of spiritual wellness being achieved.  As the warm stones relax the body, the mind is calmed, retreating into a deep meditative state.  In this meditative state, your body becomes re-energised.  Sensory, stimulating oils and chakra crystals used alongside the stones help the rejuvenation of the mind.

The soothing heat therapy promotes a positive energy flow, giving a sense of harmony and balance, creating a peaceful experience of body and mind.

hot stones

The History Of Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Formed from volcanic molten rock that has been eroded over thousands of years by rivers and seas, the beautifully rounded basalt stones are sourced from South America.  The thermal benefit of the heat on the body has been used as a form of therapy for thousands of years.  The use of stones within ancient rituals, worship and healing has also been traced back as far as 1500BC.  The subsequent development of stone massage therapy followed and was used for spiritual and physical balancing.

Indian Head Massage

By far one of our favourite holistic therapies, this massage is shorter than a full body however packs a punch and the benefits will continue for days to come.  Starting off on the back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and then finishing on the face, this is a truly invigorating head massage, yet paradoxically relaxes you to a deeper level than you really give it credit for.

This massage is fantastic as a lunch time treat as it’s 30 minutes long, however will leave you feeling fantastic for the rest of the day and will guarantee a full nights sleep.  It is ideal as it can be performed over clothing with no oil required if you wish to remain fresh looking to go back to work.  Alternatively, top garments can be removed (a towel is provided for modesty) and a carrier oil can be used during treatment.

The History Of Indian Head Massage

You will find this treatment in the back streets of Indian as well as in the homes of families, who have been practising this on each other for many generations.  Traditionally used by Indian women who believed the massage promoted health and shiny hair growth.  The massage has been practiced in India since Hinduism began and was once the main tray of Indian life, being performed on the floor, before a hair cut.

The massage is part of Ayurveda (the science of life) an ancient form of medical treatment which is nearly 4000 years old.

There are many physical and psychology benefits of Indian Head Massage, to name a few:

  • Increases blood flow to help nourish skin
  • Increases lymph flow to aid elimination of waste
  • Relaxes muscle fibres, increases flexibility, improves posture and relieves muscular tension
  • Increases supply of Oxygen to the brain, to relieve mental fatigue, promote clear thinking, concentration and productivity
  • Promotes sleep
  • Can relieve stress and help to reduce depression