About Tanya Short




Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website!  I would love to tell you about the services I offer, firstly I will tell you about how I came to run my lovely practice that I call Ora Holistic Wellbeing.

I’ve always had a strong passion for spirituality & knew from a little girl that I had an intuitive ability that wasn’t quite normal compared to my family and peers.

I spent a good twenty years in the corporate world of Procurement, working for many different organsiations across London and obtaining a business degree the process.  As well as this, I still was very interested in spirituality and started reading tarot cards from the age of twenty.

In August 2015 I joined a local mediumistic circle to start developing further and found that I could directly link with spirit, passing on messages to the spirits living relatives.

I have always felt that healing is my true calling and after leaving my corporate job in 2015, I took my Reiki One certification, after meeting the most beautiful soul, Melanie Pitman, my Reiki Master.  I haven’t looked back from this (certifying as a Reiki practitioner in summer 2016 and then a Reiki Master/Teacher in March 2017), as Reiki has changed my life on so many levels, it is truly incredible to use Reiki on myself and on others to enhance one’s life on a physical, emotional and spiritual  level.

I wanted to create a business that linked my spirituality with my love of holistic beauty, so in late 2016, Ora Holistic Wellbeing was born!   As well as offering positive spiritual guidance, I also offer Holistic Therapies (I’m a trained massage therapist) and motivational courses like the Postive Law Of Attraction.

My mediumistic and spiritual development continues and you can find my blog posts on this website that describe my spiritual journey with documented experiences to date.

What Do I Offer?

  • Reiki Energy Healing 

  • Holistic Massages 

  • Holistic Neal’s Yard Organic Facials

  • Tarot Readings

  • Mediumship Readings

  • Courses: Positive Law Of Attraction With Tanya Short

You can find out more of each service offered on the menu bar

The Treatment Room

The treatment room is located at my home address in Harlow, Essex.

The room has wonderful energy, is incredibly welcoming and inviting.  Whether you are having am indulgent massage, holistic facial experience, Reiki healing or a tarot reading, you will find comfort in the room as soon as you step in.

With beautiful music, calming incense, salt lamps, crystals and aromatherapy oils burning, once you lay down on the heated blankets you will forget about the world and find what you were looking for: inner peace and calm.